In honor of the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate and the opening of the international exhibition "Expo 2017. Energy of the Future" in Astana for Astana residents and visitors, the creative team of restaurateurs opened a unique gastronomic project – “TheSultans”, a restaurant of national delicacies, located at the junction of Kerey and Janibek Khans’ streets, the founders of the Kazakh Khanate. We offer our guests forgotten dishes of Kazakh ethnic cuisine. Unique recipes of nomadic dishes are collected from various parts of Kazakhstan. For several months, the most talented chefs of Central Asia worked at creating harmony of taste of dishes and their aesthetics, fully adapting them to the taste preferences of a modern Kazakhstani.


"Life is too short to drink bad wines," said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once. Every nation who learned to make wine considered the origin of the noble drink as divine. Wine was considered to be a drink of philosophers and artists, poets and play actors. And in the legends of the ancient gods, wine refers to their favorite drinks. As the ancient Romans said: "Invinoveritas" (There is truth  in wine). Wine is the drink of kings and their subjects, masters of the universe and mere mortals. Wine brings together, makes fall in love, reconciles, provides food for thought and conversation to all who appreciate it. The wine collection of the restaurant “TheSultans” presents a comprehensive range of wines from manufacturers in France, Italy, the USA, Spain and Kazakhstan. The French region is represented by the classic wines of the provinces of Bordeaux and Burgundy.